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See what some of our parents have to say about taking lessons with us at San Ramon Academy of Music:

“Our son has had 5 teachers over 5 years. 3 of them taught him for a year then left teaching piano altogether. The other two teachers were not a good fit for us. He often felt pushed and wasn’t enjoying music at all..its probably fair to say that he actually dreaded lessons every week. We took 8 months off before starting lessons with James. I wanted him to only start up again if he felt a connection with the teacher. Our time with James has been what we wanted for our son and more.”

“I didn’t want my son to be turned off to piano because of all the practicing. Lots of work but not a ton of play. James brings enthusiasm and joy to the discipline. He picked up my son’s style and personality, and could flow according to my son’s uniqueness/playfulness.”

“My biggest concern is if my kids don’t enjoy and have no progress over a significant amount of lessons time. So far your role as a teacher has been very helpful in making my kids interested & focused on their lessons”

“Our favorite thing is your connection with kids. You set high standards but also show some flexibility to work with and customize your lessons for each kid’s style and needs. We realize this may not last forever but it is a major relief for busy parents to not have to do an additional commute.”

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